Logbullet is manufactured by Porttivuori Oy.  Contact by e-mail: info @ or by phone: Pekka Syvänen +358 40 526 3806.

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Logbullet loading birch in forest / full size picture:

Logbullet from side / full size picture:

Logbullet from side to rear / full size picture:

Logbullet load area toward front / full size picture:

Logbullet in forest / full sixe picture:Logbullet_Sivulta_Maastossa

Logbullet ground clearance / full size picture:

Logbullet behind trees / full size picture:

Logbullet loaded in forest / full size picture:

Logbullet lifts wood:fullsize imageLogbullet_Lastaa_Takaviisto

Logbullet operator while loading: fullsize imageLogbullet_KuskinTyotila