Technical Data (to be updated):

  • Weight: Approximately 3000kg
  • Payload: 3000kg
  • Length: 6 meters
  • Width: 1.9 meters
  • Height: 2.55 meters
  • Ground clearance: Over 0.4 meters
  • Tires: 31 × 15.5-15

The upcoming Megamax version will feature an engine that is more than twice as powerful as the Original Logbullet. It will be equipped with the Kubota V2403 engine, delivering an power of 48.6kW (approximately 65hp).

For its drive hydraulics, the Megamax will utilize 2 x Poclain Drive pumps, while the drive motors will consist of 8 x Poclain hub traction motors.

Please note that the prices provided below are without accessories (to be updated later):

  • Forwarder version: €78k (VAT 0%)
  • Combi version: €98k (VAT 0%)
  • Harvester version: €96k (VAT 0%)

+Delivery cost from Finland

The manufacturer and specific type of the harvester head are yet to be determined.

As we continue to refine and improve the machine, the list of accessories will be developed to cater to the specific needs of our customers. Our primary focus is to create a high-quality machine, and subsequently, we will enhance it with accessories tailored to meet individual requirements.

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Release video for first prototype in October 2020: