I published in October 2020 with a new larger Logbullet prototype on Youtube video:

The video machine is still a prototype. Technical solutions, size and price are will be updated before sales start. If all goes perfectly the machine will be ready for sale in April 2021.

Megamax technical data (coming to be updated):

  • Weight over 3000kg. No longer moving on a trailer.
  • Payload 3000kg
  • Length six meters
  • Width 1.9 meters
  • Height 2.35 meters
  • Ground clearance over 0.4 meters
  • Tires 31 × 15.5-15

The Megamax will come with an engine more than twice as powerful as the current version.

Engine Kubota V2403. Engine power 48.6kW (~ 65hp)

The larger engine allows for even greater forwarding in the woods and hydraulics large enough for the harvester.

Drive hydraulics: 2 x Poclain Drive pump
Drive motors: 8 x Poclain hub traction motor

The purpose of the Megamax is to make a combi machine, ie it is intended to both fell trees and drive trees from the forest to the side of the road. First I make a driving machine (i.e. without a cutting head) and later I add a cutting grapple to the machine.

The price of the vehicle version of Megamax will be between 70k€ to 90k€ + VAT. The goal is to make the machine succeed to the lower limit price limit but due technical solutions price can be also in upper limit.

I buy the cutting head from other manufacturers. The grapple will be a light grapple suitable for first thinning, the prices of the grapples ready for use on the machine will vary between 15-20k € + VAT.

I hired my first outside worker for my workshop. The goal of the salary is to free up my working time to develop Megamax.

I will update this page from time to time as product development progresses.