Logbullet was born for actual need to transport forestry equipment to forest and forwarding trees that fallen due strong wind to our yard.

I have in Finland most popular forestry blog Sorry, blog is just in finnish. The word “puuntuottaja” means “wood producer”. I did write in my blog in year 2011 that we need good off-road machine but there was not good alternative. At the end we did purchase ATV but I was not happy with it’s ground clearance and other off-road features.

I wrote blog post in 2011 when I was still working in salary without greater plan begins to entrepeneur who will manufacturer the perfect off-road mini forwarder. Writing the blog post to publish machine in 2015 took four years.

I started to design a machine with an open mind sole aim to make good off-road mini forwarder. The machine could have become quite different from what it eventually became. After going through a number of technical alternatives, I am pleased with the outcome.

The machine did not have the project stage name. I think it‘s better to give the child a name after the birth. After birhtday, you get to know the nature of the child. The name Logbullet name evolved when I was having walks with my wife. We thought about walking machine a variety of names and after goog name I checked if the “.com” domain was still available.

Logbullet name started from as a joke. My wife suggested name “Logmullet”. Name was not directly suitable, but gave a poetic road creating the name Logbullet. domain was still available Google search did not give any similar named products in the market. 

Logbullet story will continue in the future, active owned forests. Hopefully, the machine will benefit and joy to others than to us.