Logbullet is manufactured by Porttivuori Oy. Entrepreneur Pekka Syväsen has Master degree in engineering from department of mechanical engineering. I graduated from Helsinki University of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2004. I was already before University completion of the work machine industry in various positions.

Despite the formal degree, Logbullet planning work for me the actual machine design academy. The movement of the machine for the first time on their own was one of the finest moments of my life. The event was a real graduation party in the machine design.

I have written, among other works from 2011 up to the forest on blog in finnish pseudonym “Paavo Woodproducer”. I started to write a blog anonymously to keep working and hobby self isolation. I got work pay and hobby only costs. Finally, after four years of hobby and my work encountered in the form of Logbullet.


On the part of the forest, I have completed forestry entrepreneur’s qualification and the associated natural care card. I have made an active forest management work in our own forest property.
And I will continue to make forestry work even more efficiently with Logbullet.