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Logbullet is a mini forwarder build for foresters, forestry entrepreneur’s and municipalities Parks and Recreation departments. You can forward with Logbullet trees that has fallen due to strong wind and wood from thinning sites to unloading site. You can transport with Logbullet to forest areas for example plants, fertilizers and forestry equipment.

Logbullet is easy to the operate and simple technically simple machine designed for forestry use. There isn’t used in Logbullet fine electronics or other in forest use components susceptible to faults components. Just simple purpose fit components.

Logbullet is 1.5 meters wide and 5 meters long cross-country eligible mini forwarder. Logbullet is light enough to be towed between sites by an van and flatbead trailer. Transporting Logbullet does not require expensive truck transportation.

There are two Logbullet models – 6×8 and 8×8 driven. Both machines are equipped with Farma 3.8 meters strong crane and reliable 35 horsepower Kubota diesel engine.

6×8 model price in Finland (=Nordic country in the top of Europe) without IVA is 23 900 euros (29 636 euros including IVA in Finland).8×8 model price is 25 300 euros.

There are accessories available to Logbullet. For example winch at the price of 1161.29  euros (including IVA in Finland 1440 euros). Please check other accessories.  

For more information, manufacturer can be contacted for more information or to purchase a machine by email info @ logbullet.com or by phone Pekka Syvänen +358 40 526 3806.

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