Built in the woods

Logbullet design is inspired by DIY forestry in entrepeneurs own forests. The machine is not designed only for on-road driving. The machine is at home on forest trails and in the woods forwarding logs and forestry equipment. Logbullet runs forward and backward with light jogging pace.

Logbullet crane can lift log-sized trees. The machine load space can continue for longer trees transporting cargo space with the optional extension.

Logbulletin cab and trailer swing freely and independently. Free swing is an important safety factor. When wagon is accidentally overturned, cab does not crash included. When loading trailer is supported by hydraulic operated support legs.

Logbullet is narrow enough to travel between trees in the forest. When you are collecting trees that have falled due stong wind, you do not have to cut extra trees down. Cutting extra trees due collecting trees would seem a little absurd activity.

Logbulletin ground clearance of 40cm (~1’4”). Clearance is not just in a small area middle of the machine, but as a large area to facilitate over driving the stumps and small stones.